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We Provide Outstanding Ice Maker Repair and Services in Orange County

Ice makers are great kitchen appliances, especially for parties and special occasions hosted at home because you don’t have to stock up on ice in advance. That’s not all, ice makers are also crucial for various businesses like large-scale restaurants, small cafes, bars, and the like. Because of this, having a broken ice maker is sure to cause an inconvenience, especially if it is for business. At times like those, we at OC Repairs provide ice maker repair services in Orange County.


Ice makers have a lot of electrical components that should not be altered by non-professionals. Any attempt at repairs made by an unlicensed technician can create risks of injury or property damage. So, if you want your appliances repaired correctly, always get professional repair services.


  • Leaks – This is one of the obvious indications that something is wrong. You will notice this problem when puddles of water pool underneath the appliance. Signs of interior leaks to watch out for include larger-than-usual ice cubes, which can rapidly wear out your ice maker if left unattended for a while.
  • Half-Frozen Ice Cubes – This may be a sign that your compressor isn’t working properly.
  • Lesser Output – Are you running out of ice too quickly? There may be something wrong with your ice maker.
  • Weird or Bad Taste – Since ice is used in a variety of food and drinks, an unpleasant taste is a big problem. While this can be attributed to several sources unrelated to the ice maker, such as unhealthy water supply, it is best to have your ice-making appliance checked for dirty filters or molds and mildew that could have been causing the stale taste to your ice cubes.
  • Loud Noises – While noises are common in ice makers, louder-than-average noises are not normal. If you notice this, consider having your ice maker checked by a professional.
Don’t let just anyone tamper with your ice maker. Choose OC Repair for ice maker repair services in Orange County. Call us at 949-527-1111 today to make an appointment. We repair appliances from all major brands, makes, and models.