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Immaculate Washing Machine Repair in Orange County by OC Repairs

Washing machines are crucial for keeping homes clean and orderly. Having a broken one can disrupt one’s entire routine, especially on laundry day. When this happens, you’ll need to call for a washing machine repair in Orange County. You may call us at OC Repairs to fix your washer in no time.

We are professionally trained in repairing washers of various brands, makes, and models. So rest assured that we can fix yours without any issues.


Professionals like us have a vast knowledge of washers and other appliances, which means we can handle any repairs you might need. Because of that, we can also assure you that we provide long-term fixes instead of temporary band-aid solutions that waste money.

As professionals, we have the right tools to perform repairs as we prioritize safety to prevent accidents while we are on the job. So you don’t have to worry about anything else when we repair your appliance.


  • Water Does Not Drain – The cause could simply be a kink on the drain hose but if there aren’t any visible problems, call a technician because the pump may have seized.
  • Unfinished Cycle – There could be a problem with your washer’s timer, touch pane, or main control board. Call a technician to determine the exact cause.
  • Clothes Come Out Dirty – This can be caused by several reasons like a broken or loose belt and a broken detergent dispenser.
  • Leakage – If you have already checked the most obvious causes of this problem but didn’t find anything unusual, call a technician because there could be a bigger problem.
  • Basket Won’t Spin – This problem could be accompanied by a rattling sound from the washer’s base, which means the motor coupler could be compromised. 
For professional washing machine or washer repair services in Orange County, call us at 949-527-1111 at OC Repairs to fix yours in no time. We service all major brands, makes, and models.