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We Offer Wine Cooler Inspection and Repair in Orange County

Using a wine cooler is the best way to bring out your wine’s greatest potential. It’s also great for storing your wine at the perfect temperature. Wine coolers are particularly useful if you often host parties or if you own an establishment that serves wine to clients. But what if your wine cooler isn’t working in the middle of your event? You’ll surely need an immediate wine cooler inspection around Orange County.

At OC Repairs, we repair your wine coolers so that it stays functional for a long time. We can help you make the most out of your investment. We can fix your appliance so you don’t have to purchase one prematurely. And if you need emergency repairs, we are also available 24/7.


As professionals, we are equipped with the right tools to perform prompt and proper repairs, and we also have access to necessary parts for replacement. We are familiar with many types of wine coolers from all major brands, makes, and models. As well as do wine cooler inspections around Orange County. We can repair even the latest models of appliances. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, OC Repairs encountered various situations and has provided solutions for each one.


  • Leaking Water – Is your wine cooler leaking water? This is often caused by either a clogged drain line or a bad door seal. Call a professional technician to check the source of the problem and fix it.  
  • Unit is Not Cooling – There may be something wrong with the wine cooler’s thermostat, evaporator, compressor, or condenser.  Call a technician to identify the actual source of the problem.
  • Not Turning On – The problem could either be a power cord that is not connected properly or something worse.
  • Strange Noises – This is generally a sign that an appliance is not working properly. This would need to be assessed properly by a professional.
If you notice any of these signs or more, call us at OC Repairs. We provide wine cooler repair and inspection around Orange County. We are experienced and licensed appliance technicians with decades of experience in the field.